Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Sibelius Setup

I had a request to post my Logitech G13 Controllermate configuration for Sibelius, so I thought I'd share how I have all of my controls laid out.

Here's how the G13 is laid out: (click for larger version)
Logitech G13 + Controllermate + Sibelius = win.
Each command on the keypad sends a keyboard shortcut to Sibelius. The shortcut either works directly (up arrow = up arrow, Q = clef, etc.) or is bound to a plugin that accomplishes the desired task (Multicopy dynamics, Multipaste text, etc.)

This is the supporting software:

Multicopy Dynamics (Bob Zawalich)
Copy Plugin (Bob Zawalich)
Multicopy Object (Bob Zawalich)
Create Insert Symbol (Bob Zawalich)

This system is set up to behave properly with a Dvorak layout on an Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. You'll probably need to change things around slightly for a QWERTY layout or to use with a different keyboard.

The circles at the lower right of the diagram represent four positions of the thumbstick. 
The Cmd and Shift keys work as expected, but also serve as modifiers for the layout. Pressing the key directly below the down button (G17) results in the Line command being sent. Pressing Cmd+G17 results in Clef; pressing Shift+G17 = l.v. up.

I have set up 8 instances of Multicopy Dynamics (ppp-fff) with Copy Plugin and assigned them to the top row of keys.

I used Create Insert Symbol to make properly-positioned instances of the l.v. up and l.v. down symbols and bound them to Shift+G17 and Shift+G18

Shift Plugins
I made these very simple plugins to move a selected object without changing its attachment location (extremely useful for dynamics, custom articulations and various other structures that you don't want randomly changing on you). They haven't been extensively tested, but should work without too much hassle. Some objects can't be moved with this method; your mileage may vary.

The key to the left of the Left key (G9) is set up as a second modifier. Holding it down and pressing one of the direction keys triggers the plugin moving the selected object .5 space. Holding Cmd+G9 triggers the move 1/32 space plugin.

Included in this Controllermate (4.5.1) setup are my quasimodes for the function keys on the main keyboard. Holding down F15 brings up the second keyboard layout; releasing it snaps back to the main layout. For more information, check out this post

I use the Apple Magic Trackpad. I have BetterTouchTool setup to configure extra gestures:
5-finger click: Save
4-finger click: Reset Zoom
3-finger click: Esc.
3-finger clickswipe down: Next part
3-finger clickswipe up: Previous part
3-finger swipe left: Undo
3-finger swipe right: Redo

And that's most of it! I run a Mac Mini (mid-2009); 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo; 4GB RAM. I have two Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW monitors in portrait orientation and use an M-Audio KeyStation 88ES for MIDI entry (step-time only, please!)

I am considering moving to a MacBook Air with Thunderbolt Display. We'll see how things look after WWDC. 

Let me know your setups - I'm always interested to hear how other people set up their rigs.


Harry said...

Hi! thanks for that,

after reading your article I have decided to plump for an X-Keys Pro (58keys). It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm having fun figuring out what is going to go where.

Also of some interest

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