Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished the Stravinsky

A quick update: I have finished the two pages of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring that I set out to engrave in Finale. I have a bunch more to write on the subject, but you can see the finished product here if you like. I'm quite proud of the results as it was a fair struggle at times to come to terms with the software's curiously intractable quirks.


matt said...


Good to see that you are coming back to Finale. I think there are advantages to both programs, but Finale in the end offers the most flexibility and power.

Check out my blog when you have a chance.

Matthew Maslanka said...


It's been something of a struggle to reacquaint myself with the program, but I think it's worth the fight. Your blog will be very helpful as I make my way through the coming hazards and pitfalls!

Thanks for the link!

Korneel said...

Hi Matthew,

Just a little detail...
I have one problem with your beautiful braces: I can see you made them in an Adobe program :-)
Take the pdf file and zoom in close to it. Notice the color difference between Finale's black and Illustrator's black.
In Adobe: don't overprint black swatches and export your eps file as RGB, not CYMK. Should do the trick ;-)

Matthew Maslanka said...

Thanks for your very detailed eyes! I can't say it's a super high priority for me right now, but I will definitely address that issue should it raise it's ugly head again!